23 August 2010

Birdfair 2010

For the forth year running, Rachel and I represented REGUA on the World Land Trust stand at the UK Birdfair. Once again we received a lot of interest and it was great to catch up with so many people that we had previously met out at REGUA and at past Birdfairs. Nick Baker visited the stand and Bill Oddie stopped by to the chat about his visit to REGUA earlier this year.

It was encouraging to see evidence that environmental considerations are, at last, beginning to become more prominant in the birding tourism industry. One or two tour companies are now stating that they prefer to use lodges that undertake habitat conservation, and at least two companies are now offsetting their CO2 emissions by planting trees at REGUA. Regardless of the merits of carbon offsetting, I find it surprising that birding companies have been so slow to adopt such schemes, especially considering that companies in the wider commercial world have been doing this for over half a decade now!

Once again I owe a huge thank you to the World Land Trust for allowing us to commandeer part of their stand and for making us feel part of the team.