20 November 2010

New Checklist of the Birds of REGUA

With 452 species now recorded at REGUA, this Brazilian Atlantic Forest reserve has some of the highest avian diversity of any single locality in South America outside of the east Andean slope. This is largely due to REGUA being one of the few places where the Atlantic Forest remains intact across the complete altitudinal range. This, together with the Atlantic Forest also being one of the world's top five biodiversity hotspots, makes REGUA an important reserve, protecting a high number of endemics.

I've just finished work on the new REGUA checklist of birds. Rather than just produce a simple list of birds found on the reserve I wanted to include data collected over the last four years (largely by REGUA's guides Adilei and Leonardo) on seasonal abundance and movements, and the new checklist is one of the first in the neotropics to include seasonal bar graphs for each species (click on images below to enlarge).


  1. Fantastic stuff Lee! Can't wait to get a copy and get back there.

  2. Nice one Lee - A cracking job and one that will definitely be appreciated by many visitors to REGUA in the future. Looking forward to a return trip.

  3. Wonderful photography!
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