18 February 2011

Brazil photos on WikiAves

WikiAves is an interactive online encyclopedia of Brazilian birds, that allows people to upload photos and audio files of any wild bird in Brazil, as well as data on identification features, distribution, habitat and taxonomy. WikiAves has been around since 2009, and with over 225,000 photos and 14,000 sound recordings now uploaded, of almost 1,700 species, the site has become a powerful resource for birders in Brazil. If you are planning to go to Brazil then I highly recommend you take a look. Some of my favourite photos are these of Toco Toucan, Buff-fronted Owl, Crowned Eagle and Spot-tailed Nightjar. I've set up my own account to showcase some of the many photos I've taken in Brazil over the years. Check them out here.

12 February 2011

Garden megas!!!

Why all the garden birding of late? Well, at the end of last year I managed, somehow, to mess my back up again, which has led to me spending a lot of time hobbling around the house in pain (two weeks now until I see an orthopedic surgeon). Still, big news! There's been two megas in the garden over the last two days - a Stock Dove yesterday and 2 Starling today.

10 February 2011

More Waxwings!

Driving down the A3 this morning on my way to work, I glimpst what looked like a small flock of Waxwings flying around over the Sainsbury's car park at Cobham. Thinking they were probably actually Starlings I decided to check them out, and I'm glad I did, because on entering the car park I located a flock of about 40 Waxwings flitting about in tall trees between the car park and the small housing estate in the south-east corner. I was about to drive off when I noticed another 16 birds feeding on berries on the northern edge of the car park. Once at work I found out that a group of 20 was seen here two days ago.