21 January 2013

Fieldfares on the move

About 75 Fieldfare were seen moving west over the garden today. There was probably a lot more that passed over, but I was working from home and so didn't have much time for skywatching. This was part of a much wider movement across the south-east and most London sites reported small numbers moving west. Some of the larger counts were 120 west at the London Wetland Centre, 302 west over Canons Farm, and 808 at Beddington Farmlands. But near Worthing on the south coast, Gary Messinbird reported a whopping 10,000!! One bird took up residence in the garden this afternoon, feeding on the apples I'd put out and aggressively chasing away any Blackbirds that came too close. I also had a garden tick in the form of a Peregrine over NW carrying prey.

Fieldfare - one of my favourite thrushes anywhere in the world!

Unfortunately I was shooting into the light most of the time

Photography is not easy in my garden. We live in a 1st floor maisonette and
getting pics involves contorting oneself out of the window with a long lens.

Buying and cutting up countless apples has finally paid off!


  1. Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful birds, and extremely well captured. What camera do you have? @HarringayBirder

    1. Many thanks! These pics were taken with a Canon 7D and 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L lens.

  2. These are some really great pictures. You really managed to capture these birds in their element and at a right time too. Great job!