11 January 2013

Treecreeper falls!

First day at the patch in 2013 and I get a patch tick - 2 Treecreepers along the old railway embankment. Unfortunately the elusive little buggers wouldn't play ball for the camera though. 3 Short-eared Owls showed very well along the east side for much of the day, often perching up in hawthorns and the trees along Bonehead Ditch for long periods.

This bird perched up just 15 m away!

Too much mascara? Nah!

Characteristic deep wing beats

Also 22 Common Snipe on the southern flood is my highest ever site count, 2 Water Pipit and 3 Little Grebe along the Colne, 1 Peregrine over NW carrying prey, 1-2 Little Egret, 1f Bullfinch, 2-3 Goldcrest, 3+ Redwing all along the railway embankment, c12 Siskin over S, 5 (3m, 2f) Stonechat, 4+ Reed Bunting, 5+ Skylark, 4 Meadow Pipit, 4 Song Thrush and 3 Green Woodpecker. Stanwell Moor added 1m Northern Shoveler and 1 Reed Bunting, and at Stanwell Moor Village 9 Siskin flew NE and a Little Egret was logged.

5 Stonechat on site today

Nice sunset over Staines Moor this evening


  1. Loving the new look site and particularly the banner! I always remember the first time I saw a SEO as a kid and saw those piercing yellow eyes! Probably why I am pretty obsessed with Owls!

  2. That's a pretty tasty haul Lee - and some contrast to your beleaguered post around christmas eh?! And lovely shots of the owl, your banner image especially.