11 February 2013

Siskin recovery

Got some recovery data back from the BTO today about the ringed male Siskin I photographed last Friday. Although I didn't manage to record the complete ring number (there was one digit is missing), the BTO found just three Siskins that have ring numbers that could be a match. Two of these are females, leaving just one male - ringed on 6 October 2012 at Easter Inch Moss in Lothian, Scotland. The BTO don't have all the data in their system yet and could be missing some birds, so I need to check again in April to be certain. Many thanks to Lee Barber from the BTO for searching the database.

Ringed adult male Siskin, Stanwell Moor Village, 7 February 2012

Metal ring number: Y68875 (one digit missing, probably between the Y and 6)
Location: Stanwell Moor Village
Coordinates/grid reference: 51°27'29.37"N,0°30'16.20"W
Date: 07/02/2013

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