6 February 2013

Waxwings at work

Had a nice surprise to start to the day today. After parking my car in the usual spot in Weybridge I was walking to the office at about 08:45 when I heard the unmistakable trilling of Waxwings! I stopped and looked around but couldn't see any, and then almost immediately one flew to the top of a small tree in a back garden. Within seconds a total of 8 birds flew out of the garden right over my head and headed off north-west! Hurrying into work, I grabbed a friend's iPhone (for the camera) and after sorting out a few IT problems, went back to the spot to try a get a record shot.

After walking around the roads for 20 minutes I eventually relocated them feeding on crab apples in the high street. They were surprisingly settled (probably because I didn't have my DSLR with me) and often even dropped to the ground right beside me to drink from puddles (almost getting hit by traffic in the process)! I left them at 10:10 and despite checking the trees a couple of times later in the day I didn't see them again.

Fantastic iPhone5 record shot of one of the Waxwings

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  1. See it's not all bad, at last you have seen something good.