20 June 2013

Trapless mothing

Yesterday was apparently the hottest day of the year so far, and with warm, humid and slightly overcast conditions last night, it was the best night for moths in the house so far this year. Managed a few reasonable pics.

My first Silver Y Autographa gamma of the year

Pale Prominent Pterostoma palpina - such a bizarre but cool looking moth!

Light Emerald Campaea margaritata

Male Willow Beauty Peribatodes rhomboidaria

Common Marbled Carpet Chloroclysta truncata

Straw Dot Rivula sericealis

Bright-line Brown-eye Lacanobia oleracea

Also this White-shouldered House-moth Endrosis sarcitrella was kicking about the house on 19th. It's darn difficult getting much closer than this to micros with a 100 mm macro lens. Ummm, I wonder how much that Canon L-series 200 mm macro is...

White-shouldered House-moth Endrosis sarcitrella

About the moth trap? Well, after discussions with my good friend Mr Alfrey I'm about to order it, but be warned - when it arrives I'm going to grow my hair, buy a black jacket and a man-bag, wear only shirts that require cufflinks, buy crap-loads of Lush soap, kip on the sofa and rename this blog Non-stop Mothing.

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