23 September 2013

Mothing amounting to nothing

Put the moth trap on at home yesterday evening (22nd) for a couple of hours, but hardly any moths came in at all! No doubt the fairly clear skies, almost full moon, and cool temperature had something to do with it, but still a very poor haul:

1 Light Emerald Campaea margaritata
1 Square-spot Rustic Xestia xanthographa
1 Gold Triangle Hypsopygia costalis
1 Light Brown Apple Moth Epiphyas postvittana

Gold Triangle Hypsopygia costalis

Square-spot Rustic Xestia xanthographa. Amazing how variable these are!

However, on on Friday (20th) I had great views of a female Brown Hairstreak Thecla betulae at Old Moat Garden Centre in Horton Lane, Epsom - an excellent birthday surprise!

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