10 October 2013

Pauraques at the wetland: 10 October

Not much birding done today, but had time for a walk around REGUA's rapidly maturing restored wetland. Spent some time watching and photographing 2 incubating female Pauraques - one sitting on two eggs, the other on a single egg. The second bird (pic 2) was quite nervous and, nesting right on the edge of the trail, a little vulnerable to disturbance. Amazing birds, and fantastic to observe them at close quarters.

Female Pauraque incubating two eggs

Second female incubating a single egg on one of the unmarked trails

The nest is a barely discernible scrape in the leaf litter, but the egg not as camouflaged as I expected.

Nice facial hair!

Also at the wetland, 1 Rufous-sided Crake, 5 Neotropical Cormorant, 2 Capped Heron, a singing Chestnut-capped Blackbird, 1 Blackish Rail (H), 1 White-chinned Sapphire, 1+ Ringed Kingfisher, 2 White-headed Marsh-Tyrant, 1 Rufescent Tiger-Heron, 2 Short-crested Flycatcher, a Yellow-lored Tody-Flycatcher building a nest were noted.

Warmer and sunny today, and much better at the lodge moth wall this morning. 1 superb fresh Xylophanes tyndarus hawkmoth was the highlight, and a cracker butterfly was also present. At the lodge, a probable Sharp-shinned Hawk flew over briefly, and a White-browed Blackbird was noted along the dirt road to Casa Pesquisa.

Xylophanes tyndarus on the moth wall

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