1 October 2013

Variation within Square-spot Rustic

Square-spot Rustic Xestia xanthographa is a very common moth throughout Britain, flying in August and September. But every year the huge variation in colour and pattern found in this species really throws me - not helped by varying degrees of wear. I've put this plate together showing some of the variety I've seen, and hopefully other mothing novices will find this helpful. Many thanks to everyone on Twitter (#teammoth) for their invaluable help with identifying these tricky little buggers over the last month or so.

Right-click and open in new tab to enlarge

All these pics were taken in Worcester Park, Surrey.


  1. Thank you, very helpful! I had one similar to the first photo on the second line in my trap the other night, I am a novice and wasn't sure it was a Square-spot Rustic until seeing this; previous individuals I've come across have looked quite different. I have also just been discovering the variation within the Lunar Underwing!

  2. nicely done Lee, you dont realise the variety until seen altogether like you did here. No wonder they get me scratching my head over ID'ing them sometimes!