1 January 2014

December Moth closes 2013

Arrived home last night to find a male December Moth Poecilocampa populi sitting next to the wall light by the front door. So being a true professional, using a Xmas card and a glass I placed it in the fridge. With all this stormy weather it is very dark at home today, but I managed to get a few reasonable pics. What a beautiful moth!

December Moth Poecilocampa populi, Worcester Park


  1. Lee, I would like to follow your blog but dont know how? Any ideas how I can follow like Blogger?

    1. Hi Stewart, Many thanks, that's very much appreciated. You should be able to follow in the same way as other Blogger sites. I have changed the URL on my blog from the standard Blogger one, but the original URL (http://leedingain.blogspot.com/) still works as well. I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have problems.