3 January 2014

First comprehensive bird list for Staines Moor

Another shameless plug! Staines Moor in north-west Surrey has been visited by naturalists and birders (of one sort or another) since at least the mid 1800s - long before the west London reservoirs were built and placed the area firmly on the birding map. Along with part of Stanwell Moor, Staines Moor has formed part of my patch since 2003, but up until now there has not been a comprehensive list of the birds recorded here.

The Avian History of Staines Moor, by yours truly, published in the latest London Bird Report (2011: 76) includes the first bird list for the site, covering up to the end of 2011 (note that I have noticed an error in the article - the first Rock Pipit was actually recorded on 20 October 2000, not 1999). An additional three species have been recorded since then, all in 2012: Northern Gannet, Yellow-legged Gull and Tawny Owl.

Furthermore, since writing the article I have found out that a Hoopoe found by Rob Innes on the bank of King George VI Reservoir in 2005 actually flew out onto Staines Moor on its first day - 6 October, and was also photographed on Staines Moor on 8 October. These records bring the total number of bird species recorded here to 191. Not bad for 91 hectares of grass right next door to Heathrow!

To get hold of a copy you need to join the London Natural History Society - see their website for details: http://www.lnhs.org.uk/Join.htm.

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