11 January 2014

Moor night-birding

A mid afternoon/early evening visit to the patch proved quite productive. Highlights were 2m Goosander over W, 2+ Water Pipit around the southern floods, 11 Common Snipe, 45+ Meadow Pipit, 50 Fieldfare at the north end, 1f Stonechat and 3-4 Little Egret. Also logged were 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker, 2+ Grey Heron, 1f Kestrel, 1+ Pied Wagtail H, and 47+ Carrion Crow was a noteworthy count.

Two drake Goosander over west just before dusk

A couple of hours night-birding until 20:00 produced good views of 2+ Eurasian Woodcock around the anthills at the north end, 3 Common Snipe H, and a Red Fox.

A rather showy Eurasian Woodcock in the north-east corner tonight

Although not ideal for night-birding in Britain, the moon provided beautiful celestial lighting for this evening's lamping session, with the
Copernicus, Plato and Tycho craters now clearly visible (I used to do a lot of astronomy as a kid, I should do more).


  1. Are these Surrey Woodcock your pets or something! Rather showy! I suppose you think that's funny!?

    1. This bird was very cooperative. I didn't like the position it was in, so I walked up to it, picked it up, and turned it around so I could photograph its best side. It didn't grumble once, not like those pesky Devon Woodcocks!

  2. Beautiful moon-so evocative....