18 January 2014

Staines Moor: 18 January

A few very quiet hours at the patch this afternoon produced 5 (possibly 6) Water Pipit around the SE flood, 1f Bullfinch (scarce here) along the old railway, 34+ Redwing (SW corner), 100+ Fieldfare in the NE corner, 1 Sparrowhawk, 2 Egyptian Goose E, 2 Canada Goose over (yep, even these are noteworthy here nowadays), 1 Grey Heron and just 4(2H) Meadow Pipit.


  1. Hi Lee,

    I saw your photo of the Hobby in May, absolutely stunning shots! I was wondering, how many Hobbies visit the moor each year? And do they provide good views for photographs (how close do they hunt)?

    Thanks, Jack

    1. Many thanks for compliment! Hobby are very regular during the summer months and generally show well, usually seen hunting overhead anywhere over the moor, but sometimes perched on the fence posts along the banks of the Colne (north of the northern footbridge). I wouldn't describe them as easy to photograph though and I was very fortunate with this experience! Good luck if you try.