11 February 2014

Med Gull in the flood

Spent a couple of hours photographing the 2nd summer Mediterranean Gull at Cowey Sale, Walton-on-Thames this afternoon. No sign of the adult I also found last Wednesday, but there were not many gulls around on the Thames this afternoon so it could still be kicking about somewhere, perhaps at Thames Meadow across the river, where I could see gulls flying around in the distance? This bird showed very well at extremely close range - one of the closest Med Gull experiences I've ever had (one on the patch would be even better)!

2nd summer Mediterranean Gull

2nd summer Mediterranean Gull in the car park (honest!)

2nd summer Mediterranean Gull - hood very well developed

2nd summer Mediterranean Gull

2nd summer Mediterranean Gull

A couple of adult Black-headed Gulls had almost full hoods

A couple of Mute Swan spent much of the time trying to grab bread from the bag hanging from my waist

The new Walton Bridge across the Thames

Looking south along Walton Lane at Cowey Sale

Looking north along Walton Lane - there is indeed a new road layout ahead!

A few Common Gull were also noted, and Coot swimming around in the car park.


  1. Lovely photos Lee. Your Med Gull is actually a 2nd winter or 3cy (as it's now Feb) - great close up of its head!

    1. Thanks Adam, I've reverted to the old system which, in my view, is a much better of ageing birds.