13 March 2014

REGUA, Atlantic Forest, Brazil: 13 March

Another day wandering the trails around the lodge at REGUA. My personal highlight was a beautiful bright yellow frog - a Hypsiboas semilineatus, resting on a heliconia leaf on the Forest Trail. Also had some great butterflies, moths and other inverts along the trail and unmarked side-trails, including several elusive and crepuscular Lamia Pierella Pierella lamia butterflies - a member of the Haeterini tribe of the Neotropics that fly only in forest interiors just above the leaf litter.

Hypsiboas semilineatus, Forest Trail - check out those eyelids!

Lamia Pierella Pierella lamia, unmarked trail off Forest Trail

A type of shield bug perhaps?

Birds seen on the Wetland Trail today include: 1 Brassy-breasted Tanager at the wetland near Amanda's Hide (a very unusual record at this low altitude and in this habitat), 1 Green Kingfisher in front of Amanda's Hide, 16 Greater Ani, 1+m White-bearded Manakin, 1f Swallow Tanager, 1 Muscovy Duck, 1m Brazilian Tanager and 1 Pale-vented Pigeon. Also, a Broad-snouted Caiman Caiman latirostris was noted, and 2 Cattle Tyrant on the football field were probably yesterday's birds.

Photographed many species of moth at the moth wall this morning, to add REGUA's library of unidentified moths. A few hawkmoths were also attracted overnight.

Female Erinnyis ello ello, moth wall, REGUA

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