15 March 2014

REGUA, Atlantic Forest, Brazil: 15 March

A quick look at the wetland this afternoon produced incredible views of 4 Rufous-sided Crake down to 1.5 metres (with 2 more heard), 2 Yellow Tyrannulet at very close range, 4 Muscovy Duck, 18 Brazilian Teal, several Black-bellied and White-faced Whistling-Ducks, 1m Brazilian Tanager, 9 Chestnut-capped Blackbird, 1 Great Egret, lots of Cattle Egret coming into roost, 1 White-tipped Dove, 2 Southern Lapwing. Set up a camera trail along the Forest (Brown) Trail this afternoon, seeing a male Rufous-tailed Jacamar and 1 Long-billed Wren in the process.

Yellow Tyrannulet at the wetland today

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