3 June 2014

A few notables at home

A few notables at home over the last few days. On 27 May: 1 Cabbage Moth Mamestra brassicae, 1 Silver Y Autographa gamma and 1 Bright-line Brown-eye Lacanobia oleracea were all new for the year, on 1 June: 1 Large Tabby Aglossa pinguinalis, 1 Mint Moth Pyrausta aurata and 1 male Banded Demoiselle Calopteryx splendens are all garden ticks, as was a Common Buzzard very low over being mobbed by Carrion Crows, and this evening a Garden Carpet Xanthorhoe fluctuata.

Large Tabby Aglossa pinguinalis - the first for the garden

Large Tabby Aglossa pinguinalis

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