17 May 2015

Hazel Dormice: 17 May

I've now started working towards obtaining my dormouse handling licence. Carried out two nest box surveys today - one at Sheepleas and another nearby at Green Dene - an area of ancient semi-natural woodland on the North Downs in Surrey comprised largely of hazel, beech and yew. Found five Hazel Dormice - an active male and three torpid females at Sheepleas (including two females together in a nest in the same box) and a single torpid female at Green Dene. Absolutely fantastic mammals and surely strong contenders for the cutest animal on Earth?

Female Hazel Dormouse in torpor, Sheepleas

Female Hazel Dormouse, Sheepleas - cuteness at the highest level!

Female Hazel Dormouse, Green Dene

Also noted today were 2 Roe Deer and a Roman Snail Helix pomatia at Sheepleas.

Roman Snail Helix pomatia, Sheepleas

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  1. Oh my word! They really are the cutest little bundles of fur I've ever seen. The one with its little tail up over its nose is adorable ;o). Delightful photographs and really good to hear about these creatures.