15 September 2015

Staines Moor Wryneck twitch: 15 September

A late afternoon twitch to Staines Moor for the Wryneck resulted in the bird showing well, albeit briefly, soon after I arrived - flying around, perching on brambles and feeding around the anthills in the NW corner. A species I've longed dreamed of finding on the patch myself - perhaps another time? About bloody time those anthills pulled one in!

Rubbish record shot of the Wryneck, Staines Moor, 15 September

I didn't see the Barred Warbler today, but 4 Whinchat (NW corner), 2 Common Whitethroat, (1 Barn Owl (NE corner), 1 Chiffchaff and 1m Blackcap in a Long-tailed Tit flock, 2 Linnet, 1 Eurasian Sparrowhawk, 1+ Kestrel, and quite a few Robin were logged. Noted overhead were 4 Siskin SW, 2 Yellow Wagtail (1S, 1H), 10 House Martin, 19 Goldfinch SW and a nice movement of 37 Meadow Pipit S shortly before dusk.

A couple of hours spot-lighting after dark produced 4(1H) Common Snipe (east side), 2 roosting Moorhen along the Colne, 1H Tawny Owl (calling from the S side, possibly on the other side of the A30), and a large bat sp. over the east side.

Stanwell Moor added 1 ad. m Common Redstart in the first horse paddock and 30+ House Martin S.

One of two Moorhen roosting half way up bulrushes along the Colne this evening.

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  1. It's fantastic the Moor is producing the goods this autumn. Would've loved to have seen the Wryneck but, alas, no time to go for a visit