25 February 2016

Staines Moor: 25 February

Spent a few hours at the patch from mid afternoon, followed by some spotlighting after dark. Managed a reasonable haul despite things being very quiet.

Highlights were 1 Jack Snipe down to about 3 metres on the Colne, 3+ Water Pipit (1 on the bank of Colne, 1 seen poorly overhead and at least another heard), 2 Shelduck in from the west and landing on the east pool, 1 Water Rail (at south end of the Colne by the Reedmace), 1 Common Snipe (west side), 1+ Little Egret, 2 Stonechat (1m, 1f), 1 Coot (Colne), 2 Little Grebe (Colne), 13+ Meadow Pipit, 2 Skylark, 9 Mallard (6m, 3f), and 3m Tufted Duck (Moor Lane lake).

After dark, 1 Eurasian Woodcock (west pool), 3(2H) Common Snipe, 1 Red-legged Partridge, and 2 probable Jack Snipe were noted.

Jack Snipe along the Colne today thinking it's invisible


  1. I'm so jealous! I really want to get a good view of a Jack Snipe. Is Staines Moor easily accessible via public transport?

    1. Staines Moor can be reached by either train or bus to Staines. Directions from Staines can be found here: http://www.leedingain.com/p/staines-moor.html. Jack Snipe are not easy to find at Staines Moor and they are most often seen when accidentally flushed. You might have a better chance at the London Wetland Centre. Best of luck.