14 April 2016

Staines Moor: 14 April

A little vis mig overhead at the patch today but far fewer grounded migrants present. A Eurasian Curlew over low W early morning is only my third patch record, and 1 House Martin N and 10 Barn Swallow (7 W, 2 NE and 1 lingering) were both my first of the year. 9 Sand Martin (4N, 2NW, 3S), 2 Northern Lapwing (1 SW, 1N), 4 Common Buzzard and 1 Linnet NNW were also noted.

2f Northern Wheatear ranging widely at the north end, 2 (1H) Lesser Whitethroat (hawthorns in NW corner and on west side), 11 Common Chiffchaff (including the ringed female nest building along Bonehead Ditch) and 2m Blackcap were the only migrants logged on the ground .

Eurasian Curlew over west this morning

1 of 2 Northern Wheatear present today, showing down to 5 metres this afternoon

The pair of Stonechat were still present in the SE corner (I wonder if they are attempting to breed?), and 2 Redshank, 22 Linnet, 7 (6m, 1f) Reed Bunting, 1 Kingfisher (Bonehead Ditch), 3 Red Kite, 1-2f Eurasian Sparrowhawk (inc. 1 perched in Bonehead woodland), 2 (1m, 1f) Kestrel, 2 Little Egret (Colne), 3 Grey Heron (a high site count), 1 Canada Goose W, and plenty of Skylark and Meadow Pipit were also logged.

Inverts noted include 2 Large Bee-fly Bombylius major (Bonehead Ditch), 1m Brimstone, and 1 Peacock. Stanwell Moor added 3 Barn Swallow and another 8 Common Buzzard.

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