3 April 2016

Staines Moor: 3 April

Despite the southerly airflow, it was a little disappointing for me in terms of migrants at the patch today. 5 (3m, 2f) Northern Wheatear hopping around the anthills in the NW corner, 3 (2m, 1f) Blackcap and 15 Common Chiffchaff were the best on the ground, while 4 Sand Martin over (mainly NE-N) constituted the only visible migration overhead (visible to me at least).

Common Chiffchaff are now moving through in numbers - 1 of 15 at Staines Moor today

Female Northern Wheatear - 1 of 5 Wheatear present in the NW corner today

Other notables were 1 near summer plumage Water Pipit along the Colne at dusk, 1 Eurasian Treecreeper singing by the feeders (probably the same bird that's been present here during the winter), 2 (1m, 1f) Stonechat still (SE corner), 4 Shelduck W, 3 Redshank (Colne), 1-2 Coot still (Colne), 2+ Little Egret, 1 Goldcrest, 5-7 Canada Goose over (surprisingly scarce at Staines Moor nowadays), 1 Cetti's Warbler (Colne), 6 Red Kite, 3 Common Buzzard (including a pale phase bird), 1-2 Eurasian Sparrowhawk (including an adult male on a fence post along the Colne), 3 (1m, 2f) Kestrel and 3+ Common Pheasant (SE corner).

Local breeders were much in evidence including 20+ Linnet, 9 (8m, 1f) Reed Bunting, 9 (6m, 3f) Mallard and plenty of Skylark and Meadow Pipit. Also found a discarded Song Thrush egg.

Also noted were 1m Orange-tip and 2 Peacock butterflies, both my first this year.

Discarded Song Thrush egg in the NW corner


  1. Hi there. I went to Staines Moor today and didn't see any Wheatears. Have you got any tips? Saw a Cetti's warbler and a lovely little egret today though.

    1. Hi, Wheatears turn up at Staines Moor during migration and this is very weather dependent (southerly winds with overcast conditions are best). Wheatears can turn anywhere on Staines Moor but they seem to favour the north-west corner. Good luck if you give it another try.