9 July 2016

REGUA, Atlantic Forest, Brazil: 9 July

Another busy day at the screen so this post is merely a notebook entry. A few notables logged in the lodge garden throughout the day - 1f Chestnut-bellied Euphonia coming to the bananas (my first record for the lodge garden) along with 1m Purple-throated Euphonia, 5 (2m, 3f) Violaceous Euphonia, 4 (1m, 3f) Brazilian Tanager, several Golden-chevroned Tanager, lots of Blue Dacnis (both sexes) and Maroon-bellied Parakeets. Also around the garden were 1+ Rufous-tailed Jacamar and a Planalto Tyrannulet.

An evening walk around the wetland to photograph bats produced several species, and birds noted include 1 Capped Heron and lots of Cattle Egret coming into roost.

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